The Fresh And Onlys - 2011-01-15 - Slim's SF

The Fresh and Onlys
Slim's SF

taper:  thehappyone
equip:  Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics > Sony PCM-M10
locat:  behind a pillar stage right-ish 

tracks:  intro / Invisible Forces / Grey-Eyed Girl / ? / Until The End Of Time / Waterfall / Fascinated / (new song #1) / I'm A Thief / ? / Tropical Island Suite / ? / ? / Diamond In The Dark

Pitchfork gave their album an 8.0, and mentioned 'By My Hooker' as one of the standout tracks, to quote from the article: 'My favorite line comes on "Be My Hooker": "I can hear the open sea calling me, but I don't know, I don't know"-- wanderlust and indecision rendered in one quick, direct stroke.' 

However, the presence of this song title would cause another blogger some degree of consternation, with the fallout detailed here.  My opinion is that while this brings up interesting issues involving what certain sites will allow from their hired writing help before they conclude that biting the hand that feeds them free releases isn't conducive to the new realm of pageviews and impressions, and allows those who feel constrained to score sympathy with the blogosphere though that disclosure, it should come as very little surprise to know how any of this stuff actually plays out, and more importantly, has naught to do with The Fresh And Onlys actual material or motivations.  Heck, I almost want the worst about "Be My Hooker" to be true, since that would help them get some more notice, under the guidelines of any press being good press, though I suspect anybody truly in their camp would want them to earn praise through less sensational means, entirely on the basis of their art. 

Which is why I am presenting this to you here, so that you can form your own opinion, as it's through sharing which allows Tim Cohen and company to be appreciated for their "lazy-arsed garage-psych", rather than slammed for it by some random reviewer either looking for an angle or who was genuinely disturbed by the song title.  It's a disturbing world, after all; given all that is truly obscene (just look at US foreign policy for starters), trying to hang one's hat on a song title seems a bit trite.  

Anyway, enough of my spiel, please download (FLAC zipfile) and enjoy!

(you can also check out my previous recording of them playing at Serra Bowl back in July 2010)



  1. Track 10 is "Tropical Island Suite" & last track is "Diamond In The Dark"