Thee Oh Sees - 2010-03-11 - Nomad Gallery LA

When somebody who's been going to shows for thirty some-odd years says he's just been to the best one he's ever seen, you take notice.  And when he comes back for more, not just once or twice, but *three* more times in the same month, the band in question has to be something special.  And they are.

This is the first of a series of four bcingyou recordings of Thee Oh Sees from March of 2010.  Enjoy!

Thee Oh Sees

11 March 2010 
Nomad Gallery, 1993 Blake Ave., Los Angeles, CA 
Audience Master Recording by bcingyou 

Recorded directly in front of singer/guitarist John Dwyer, band and audience at floor level. 
M-Audio MicrotrackII + Sony ECM990-F>WAV(44.1 sample rate/16bit)>CD Wave Editor track split 

01. intro 
02. Enemy Destruct 
03. Contraption
04. I Was Denied  (HD video: sallenp)
05. Block of Ice 
06. Meat Step Lively 
07. Crack In Your Eye 
08. Mega Feast 
09. AA Warm Breeze 
10. Tidal Wave 
11. Dead Energy 
12. Warm Slime (Summertime Jam), at the 9:12 point the recording drops to mono due to mic connector 'pops' in one channel.  Video footage here.

Total Time – 50:25

Listen! (pCloud FLAC format) 


  1. Is there anyway you can reupload these Oh Sees recordings?

    1. I have a long-term project to refresh the audio links for these shows.
      Since they're not my recordings, I'll have to see if I can reshare them on YouTube. You have a somewhat better chance writing into requests@atmyheels.com and letting me know which shows you'd like.