Rescuing strays: Noveller - 2010-03-20 - Bottom Of The Hill SF

'I didn't realize the show started', said your humble narrator, as he pressed 'record'.  As Sarah of Noveller built up her guitar drones via sample-and-hold looping, folks quieted down and stared forward, in rapt attention.  I will not hopefully offend anyone (see Anonymous responding to my use of 'little person' in my Chameleons VOX post) if I happen to point out that this was being delivered by a very attractive young woman from Brooklyn.

Up until it all suddenly stopped.  A photographer had inadvertently stepped on a power strip and brought it all to a halt, creating one of those memorable Awkward Moments this side of one of those Letterman interviews, forever seared into your mind.

'Um, can you please not lean on the power strip?  Yeah, like, just...just, don't touch it at all, please.'. 

Nonplussed, she introduced herself, and a bit unsure on how to proceed, then said she would fix it, and started the song 'St. Powers' over. And it was all better.

I'm not sure if 'Noveller' refers to the online microblogging site (subject to its fair share of satire) or arises from something buried deep in the collective conscience, but the music Sarah Lipstate makes is lovely beyond words.

What more could you ask for?  Maybe a chance to hear it?  I did capture a clip of 'Bleached Beach'.

And of course, I recorded the entire set.

Details after the jump.

Bottom Of The Hill
San Francisco CA

gear:  Sonic Studios DSM-6Ls > Edirol R09-HR


St. Powers (pt 1)
St. Powers (pt 2)
Bleached Beach
Under The Color Cave
Birds With Beards


Video of "St. Powers pt. 2" shared by RecycleYourPets (1080p HD):



  1. YouTube footage of "St. Powers", after the interruption, in glorious 1080p quality, courtesy of 'recycleyourpets':


  2. Never heard Noveller before - in fact never heard *of* Noveller before - and this is astounding! Reminds me of early Spiritualized/Spacemen, if someone gave them an e-bow.

  3. For a more serene followup (described by a reviewer as "the calm after the storm of 'Red Rainbows'"), check out "Desert Fires" at http://noveller.bandcamp.com/

    What's really cool is that you can get all formats (including FLAC) for the same low price.

  4. Link to recording in MP3 format:

  5. Tomzero recording, using basically the same equipment as me: https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=kZxCmIVZjx2XECmKlBLWqI6CNAYUdSfdG2h7