Deaf Wish / "Slødi Xaw" / Terry Malts - 2011-10-10 - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Oakland CA

Going to do this a bit differently and start with the openers and work through the headlining (last band)...as of this writing, the Malts and Idols are two of my favorite groups at the moment, and are touring together.

First up:

Terry Malts
1-2-3-4 Go! Records
Oakland CA

taper: tz0
equip: Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L > Edirol R-09HR


soundchecking (background music: Television - Marquee Moon)
I Do
What Was It
Waiting Room
Something About You
Mall Dreams
I'm No Good For You
Where Is The Weekend
Can't Tell No One [Negative Approach]
I'm Neurotic

Malt it up (FLAC files in zipfile)

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do...
Probably the Malts at their sloppiest show that I've seen to date, but sheesh, it was still head-bopping and body-shaking groovy.  Phil dropped his pick several times.   They lyrics are infectious and catchy beyond belief.  Examples abound.  "I Do", with some of the most affecting and heart-touching lyrics around..."People don't know what to make of you, they don't understand your point of view, but I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do...people say that you act so above, they say you don't know how to love, but I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do...just when I thought they might be rightI hold you in my arms and just squeeze you tighter..."  And Mall Dreams' soon-to-be- legendary refrain "A zombie is still a zombie in J.Crew"...their full length will be out on Slumberland early next year, and hopefully everyone will be singing along.

Next up....

Slødi Xaw
1-2-3-4 Go! Records
Oakland CA

tz0th1 three-source blend.
tz0:  Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L > Edirol R-09HR
th1:  Olympus LS-5 + iPhone 4


All Too Human
William Says
Human Condition
Hotel Room
Gold Sneakers
This Time There's No Happy Ending [Television Personalities]
Grey Area
Dead Like You

Xawsome (FLACs in zipfile)

Hether Yell
Slødi Xaw are a new Eastern European punk goth garage group which has literally come out of nowhere to spew out peals of glorious feedback blended in with wry observations about the human condition ("we get down / we get high / we get born / then we die / this is the human condition") and to rip your fucking head off if you dare to call them a "girl group".

"All Too Human" is probably more than one person's choice for single of the year, but my favorite remains "Gold Sneakers", with it's rapid-fire drum into, flanged guitar noise and "I love...love you" chorus, disguising as a upbeat song when in fact it's anything but..."I know you've got some monsters in your mind / or maybe hiding up your nose / can't you just be happy to be alive?"...

The moment I saw Hether perform last November as a part of Blasted Canyons, I could feel she was someone very, very "special".  It's not often that a person is responsible for releasing not one but TWO great albums in the same year, and almost unheard of when it's for two different bands.  It's actually quite hard to say much more here, all I can do is let the music speak for itself and hope it moves you as much as does for me.

Last up...

Deaf Wish
1-2-3-4 Go! Records
Oakland CA

taper: tz0
equip: Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L > Edirol R-09HR


Green Flame
Take What You Want
Mum Gets Punched In The Face
Nerve Damage
The Line Between Us
Elementary School
Make It Hurt
VHS and Cheese
White Heat / Bikini

It is a testament to the good taste of the opening bands in Deaf Wish that I immediately knew they were going to be the real deal, even if I have to admit I wasn't very familiar with their ouevre
(I am now!)  Songs like 'Green Flame', 'Nerve Damage', 'Make It Hurt' and 'Mum Gets Punched In The Face' shake you and don't let go until you collapse in a heap.

Needless to say, after hearing them live, I bought all the vinyl on offer ("Reality and Visions", which I've been playing over and over and is a classic...and their newest, "Mercy")...

Sarah Hardiman's vocals in 'Mum Gets Punched In The Face' are stunning.  My compatriot thought they were a bit hit and miss, but I think if they missed, it's only because they wanted to, this is one of the most viscreal performances I've been lucky enough to witness.

Deaf Witness (FLACs in zipfile)


  1. Love The Terry Malts...wouldn't have heard of them without your superb website. But...the download link for the Malts part of the show (10-10-2011) actually takes you to the Malts Hemlocks show from 9-30-2010 at Hemlock Tavern. Same exact set lisy so I don't know if its a typo or not. Could you check into the link. Thanks, Danny Sherr

  2. Anonymous: yup, this was an error on my part. I've linked to the right show now.