Flipper - 2008-02-18 - Amoeba Records, SF

Amoeba Records
San Francisco CA
USA [country included for those lovely DIME mods and pedants who desire a ambiguous-free life, courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Francisco_%28disambiguation%29]

My first DIME seed for a while.

lineage: Belkin TuneTalk Stereo iPod classic 30Gb (in set) / iPod Nano 2nd gen (encore) > Adobe Audition 1.5 (normalization/fades) CD Wave Editor (tracking) FLAC (6)

*** No, you're not seeing things, I taped this with an iPod! ***

location:  about 20' away from stage right (that's the left hand side to normal people), a few feet left of the mixing board and a huge boom mic


Ha Ha Ha
Night Falls Like Dirt Rocks (new one)
(alt video - end part)
Triple Mass Murder Suicide (new one)
Shed No Tears
Be A Good Child (new one)
(encore) Shine


The indomitable Flipper (with ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic in tow) making a FREE appearance at the Amoeba Records shop on Haight St. in San Francisco.  Found out from a friend literally the hour before, and never having caught them in their heyday, plus having new kit to test out, was eager to head on out and make the drive up to the City to capture their set for posterity.  Considering I went to elementary  school a few blocks up the street, it was surprising that this only my second visit inside the SF Amoeba...though when I went to school in Berkeley I practically lived in the Amoeba there.

Was going to use the Nano for the main set, as I didn't want HD noise to enter into the picture, but it ended up locking up, so I went to the backup recorder, which had enough battery power to last about 30 minutes before conking out after the main set.  Unfortunately, I didn't notice it had run out until a couple of minutes into the encore, which gave me just enough time to swap in the now-resuscitated Nano to cover (most of) the encore.  I know there's another version out there that's complete which
may surface eventually...

The IDs for the new tracks comes from the following (now-archived) article:

On my recording, the between-song banter is interesting enough to tracksplit on its own.  I have these segments labelled as 'Loose talk'...

Was a very entertaining listen, and Bruce Lose...er, LOOSE was a laugh riot, even accepting a roach that somebody down front had been puffing on.  Was a bit taken aback at how much hair Krist had lost...I guess I'm not the only one slowly losing it, but Ted Falconi had more than enough dreadlocks to go around, so I didn't sweat it.
And the recording came out splendidly, shocking the hell out of me considering I used an *iPod*
to tape this.  The thought of that still gives me the giggles.  And the photos were taken with my...wait for it...new iPhone (the TuneTalk mic isn't yet compatible with this piece of Apple  gear, but I have enough old players to open up my own Ebay store)...you can see the quite bizarre setup in the photos, most of the crowd was interspersed between rows of records and CDs, very convenient for Amoeba as many people were trapped browsing the aisles after the band had finished.  
The band also were signing copies of their newly re-released DVD of their Live Target Video VHS,but the thought of Flipper signing autographs pretty much defeats itself, which means they've once again failed at failing (or something like that), so on that thought we bid them farewell.

A shot goes out to the legendary Duncan.  But I did edit this on a PC. :(



(notes preserved as originally posted, except to add or update links.  Unfortunately, Amoeba's homepage link is broken as the Flipper Flash Video files aren't on their site anymore...so all we have that is below...if you look in that vid you can see me in the crowd, near the back)


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