My very first audio recording: The Devil Makes Three w/The Shots (live 2005)

source: last.fm

The Devil Makes Three
Espresso Garden Café
San Jose CA

taper: thehappyone, debut taping outing!
kit: DPA 4080s > Sony M1 DAT


00 pregig [3:18]
01 upcoming events [3:30]
02 introduction [0:43]
03 Shades [4:28]
04 'dancing license' [0:59]
05 Beneath The Piano [1:43]
06 'we got ourselves a travis' [1:21]
07 Jug Band [3:37]
08 'story about LA' [3:48]
09 Judgement Day [3:16]
10 'the shots' [1:09]
11 South Nashville Blues [Steve Earle cover] [2:24]
12 Graveyard [4:15]
13 The Bullet [3:45]
14 Black Irish [4:05]
15 Sweeping [3:35]
16 Tow [4:29]
17 Hometown Blues [Steve Earle] [2:19]
18 'not playing the craziest one' [0:47]
19 Mantap [4:00]
20 Statesboro Blues [Blind Willie McTell] [3:20]
21 Ten Feet Tall [3:08]
22 Uncle Harvey's Plane [Roger Miller] [4:15]
23 Old Number Seven [2:26]
24 'broke the g-string' [1:29]
25 Bangor Mash [3:43]
26 Nobody's Dirty Business [Mississippi John Hurt] [4:27]
27 St. James Infirmary [3:47]

TOTAL [84:17]

Opening set for the Shots:

The Shots
Espresso Garden Café
San Jose CA

taper: thehappyone, debut taping outing!
kit: DPA 4080s > Sony M1 DAT


01 pregig blather [1:22]
02 introduction [1:17]
03 St Patrick Was A Gentleman [3:09]
04 'song two' [2:17]
05 Drunk Under The Trains [3:05]
06 White Chromosone [2:15]
07 These Boots Are Made For Walking (Nancy Sinatra) [3:20]
08 The Hesitation Blues [2:47]
09 You're His Lover Enough [1:50]
10 Diaspora [3:56]

Total [26:19]

This is my very first audio recording. Went with my friend Roy B. and my wife, think Roy was the biggest fan of this group. As far as I know, this is the earliest recording I've seen of this group, predating the 'A Little Bit Faster And A Little Bit Worse' live album by a year, which during the intro they had announced they were recording, so this in effect is a preview. Lots of hilarious chatter between tracks from Pete/Lucia/Cooper, accompanied by their sound tech/merch man 'Travis'. This is the day after they had played in SF (St. Patrick's Day) to a thousand people, or so they claim.

An ex-coworker/friend let me borrow his kit for this show, but had to give it back shortly afterwards (he needed to record Blue Floyd)...never used a DAT to record a show again.

Seem to remember I had a bit of a cold so was coughing and sniffling a bit.

The 4080s are *tiny* mics, think I had them stuck in my shirt or something. There's also a bit of distortion/clipping in places due to their positioning, and I think I actually had the input gain set pretty high.

I've listened to this recording a couple of times since March 2005, think it's pretty decent for a first effort, and the performance is super.  Probably why I've continued to record.

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  1. The Devil Makes Three:

    DIME (lossless, faster d/l speed, semi-closed reg): http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=482133

    Incubation (lossless, no ratios, open reg): http://incubation.atmyheels.com/torrents-details.php?id=162

    MP3s (right click, save-as): http://dl.atmyheels.com/AMH/20050318_EspressoGardens_SJ/

    And for the Shots:

    DIME: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=482158

    MP3 (right click, save-as): http://dl.atmyheels.com/AMH/20050318_EspressoGardens_SJ/