Airfix Kits - 2012-02-17 - Hemlock Tavern SF

Airfix Kits
Hemlock Tavern

San Francisco, CA

taper: tomzero, with Sonic Studios DSM-6s/L's > Edirol R-09HR

Last show with drummer Phil Lantz, who has quit the group.  

I was very impressed with these guys, they've been likened to the Minutemen-cum-Wire/Gang of Four and must be the best-sounding English group from Oakland (singer/guitarist Allen McLaughton is a Glaswegian expat).


01 - Playing Both Sides [NOT RECORDED, we were still in the bar waiting to get in.  Fairly sure (but not 100% certain) it was this song]
02 - No 1982
03 - Leaving
04 - 80s Aesthetic
05 - To Kill The King 
06 - Crowd Control
07 - Flex Time
08 - Blind Spot
09 - Coming Up Roses
10 - You Were Seen

(FLACs in zipfile)

Photoset (Flickr)

Article with links to MP3s of 'Playing Both Sides' and 'Flex Time'

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