Woollen Kits - Jan/Feb West Coast shows

Woollen Kits
Josephine Art Space
Seattle WA

Taped by my comrade SR, using his Schoeps MK4 active setup.


Back To You
I Love You
Down Your Street
Out Of Whack
Round & Around

'Shelley' also filmed by the Orca Team.

Link to audio (FLAC format)

Much of the music I like these days isn't very cheery, but this is...it's positively uplifting post-punk/garage pop.

I'll let this review speak for me: "Woollen Kits are the newest rock 'n roll sensation from Australia, and the latest signing from one of my new turn-to-record labels, RIP Society. Following on the heels of their catchy Maths 7" from last year, the Woollen Kits' recently released self-titled album is an LP you'll want to play over and over again - it's fun, stripped down, garage-inspired post-punk. If John Peel were still around, he'd definitely want the Woollen Kits on his BBC radio program. It's just the type of timeless, fiercely independent jangle guitar pop he'd love... and you will too."

Here's a video of the complete show, which I synced the above audio source to:

Another show after the jump...

Woollen Kits
The Knockout
San Francisco CA

Taped by thehappyone, using Church Audio CA-11 into an Olympus LS-5.


Out Of Whack
Back To You
So Cold
For You

Complete audio recording (FLAC format)

That's Greer from The Mallard watching on.  Appreciate anybody who can ID the third song (sounds like So Cold??), which I gather was pretty new, it's great!  

Thx to Tom from Woollen kits for the ID of the third song!

Additional footage:

'Down Your Street' - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Oakland CA - 2012-01-28


'Back To You' - Bows And Arrows Sacramento CA - 2012-01-31


  1. Hi! Thanks for compiling this - we had a great time in the US - nice to revisit some of it! That song is called So Cold.
    All the best from Australia - Tom H from Woollen Kits.

    1. Thx, Tom! I've noted the title in the description. Good luck with everything, and hope you can make it back out here sometime.