Manatee - 2011-12-04 - TKT004 Oakland CA

Oakland CA

I'm fairly behind in my sharing, but may as well make this available.

For those of you who know, Manatee guitarist Mike Shulman runs a little ol' label called Slumberland, who have put out many releases by some of the groups which I've featured here.
This is seemingly straight ahead catchy pop-punk played by a bunch of "regular guys", but with interesting twists like a Bauhaus cover (in honor of Mike Shulman's birthday!?!) and a song that mentions Anderson Cooper.


Simply Free
Crisis Time
More Seriously
Things Falling Down
Bela Lugosi's Dead [Bauhaus]
Mr. Super
Being Chased By Anderson Cooper ...

...midway during what was to be their final song the venue cuts out singer Keith's vocal mic, which causes a bunch of confusion, and then when the sound desk informs the group they want to move the show along and then time is up, to a very annoyed band and audience.  Not cool.  The best comment was the woman who yelled out "Occupy V***s"  [I wish not to give the venue any undeserved recognition]

Here's where I put my recording device...ended up being a bit of a problem because a couple of employees were playing games in between sets. >>>

Download (FLAC files in a torrent)

For the full photo archive, go here.

Check out Manatee's releases out on Slumberland now!

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