Thee Oh Sees - 2011-07-28 - The Uptown Oakland CA

Thee Oh Sees
The Uptown 
Oakland CA


Meat Step Lively
Contraption / Soul Desert
The Dream 
Burning Spear 
Tidal Wave
Enemy Destruct 
Block Of Ice 
Poison Finger 
Robber Barons 
Hairy Brawlers
Dead Energy

Audio recording, FLAC format

TZ0/TH1 blend
TZ0 Sonic Studios DSM6s/L > Edirol R-09HR
TH1 Sony PCM-M10

Video recording, complete show

Songs up to 'Block Of Ice' shot with the Flip Video HD, the rest down with my iPhone 4.   Recording synchronized with the audio recording above.


Thee Oh Sees were joined by new permanent member Lars Finberg (A Frames / The Intelligence) on second drums and for 'Dead Energy', guitar.  Highlights include 'Burning Spear', a Sonic Youth cover, which they recorded for their flexi book, 'The Dream', and 'Destroyed Fortress Reappears' which then segues into a new composition as of yet untitled.  Also played were 'Robber Barons', a song which will be on their forthcoming album "Carrion Crawlers/The Dream" and another new composition, which I heard called out as 'Hairy Brawlers' and only played once before during their Death By Audio NYC show, was also played, all finished off by an extended version of "Dead Energy".  All of this is mindblowingly good.

Noticed that the powder blue keyboard Brigid was playing was replaced by a red Clavia Nord Lead of some sort.  Really can't wait for their new album to come out, since it features a lot of the tracks that have been pummeling audiences live left and right the past couple of years.

Opening acts...

Note:  Blasted Canyons was also taped, that recording will be featured in an upcoming post with a couple of other shows from the Finken/Fedewa/Jones trio.


? / Dogs [The Who] / ? / Cat Black [Marc Bolan and T.Rex] / Hurry On Father [Pete Ham]/ ? / Ball Of Fame [Sic Alps] / Sing Song Waitress [Sic Alps] / Carry On [Sic Alps] / ?

No idea, any help appreciated!


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  2. dude, yer one o the best tapers there is !! keep on doin what yer doin, oh sees, ty, sic alps, blasted canyons, royal baths, its all good baby ~ any photos of the mike dovovan set ? i love it
    -tim, athens ga

  3. Tim,

    Thx for the kind words, man.

    Do you tape yourself? Always looking for help. :-)