Catwalk and Twin Shadow - 2011-04-19 - Great American Music Hall SF

Nick Hessler of Catwalk  (credit: tz0)

Great American Music Hall
San Francisco CA

TZ0 recording.  Sonic Studios DSM-6L > Edirol R-09HR.


Do It Again
(Please) Don't Break Me
No Room For Love
Always New
All Around
Sun Bleach

Italicized songs are unreleased, so the the titles given for those are provisional.

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Can Mike Sniper and his label do no wrong?  I guess not.  Nick Hessler and compatriots have succeeded in putting Oxnard, CA on the map.  I've heard the term 'beach music' applied to their songs...imagine the Beach Boys fronting a shoegaze group.  Okay, that comparison was a bit lame, but you get thie idea.

I encourage you to browse the Captured Tracks releases page and...buy everything on it...like now.

Twin Shadow
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco CA

TZ0 recording.  Same as above.


Shooting Holes
Tyrant Destroyed
When We're Dancing
Yellow Balloon
I Can't Wait
At My Heels
Castles In The Snow

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For various reasons, like arriving a bit late for Catwalk, thus missing the first three songs, and not hitting record properly for Twin Shadow (meaning only caught the last part of 'I Can't Wait' and the last three songs), my own recordings ended up incomplete, but nonetheless I've made these available.  Sorry for dropping the ball on this one.

Download/stream FLACs. (TH1 version).

Given the blog's title derives from one of Twin Shadow's songs, you can imagine I'd be enthused to catch them live again.  And indeed, I was.  George Lewis, Jr had the crowd wrapped around his finger. 
According to this eyewitness report (for some reason this doesn't mention Catwalk), it seems the show may have sold out from people going to see Twin Shadow, even if they were one of the opening acts!

Both Catwalk (on Captured Tracks) and Twin Shadow (on 4AD) were excellent.  In fact, the audience reaction as positive and enthusiastic for Twin Shadow as it were for the headliners The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. 

Link for this is here:  TPOBPAH

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