The Soft Moon - 2011-03-18 - Klub Krucial SXSW Austin TX

The Soft Moon
Klub Krucial
Austin TX

Video by Shawn Breen (Mogwaione)
Photos and editing by Shantell Mitchell

I've been looking for any TSM performances (audio or video, basically anything) from SXSW.  Mogwaione replied to one of my recent posts saying that he filmed the Klub Krucial performance, 
and has given me permission to post the link through AMH.

Here Luis can be seen wearing a Screamers T-shirt, yet again showing off his good taste.  He was also fighting losing his voice, not a surprise since he and the rest of group typically give their all for their live shows, even in abbreviated format here due to the number of bands playing.


Into The Depths (0:07)
Circles (4:10)
Breathe The Fire (8:08)
We Are We (11:45)
Parallels (15:53)
Tiny Spiders (19:10)

Click on the photo above or go here to view.

More screencaps, this time of bassist Justin Anastasi and synthist Damon Way:


  1. You can now download this video from my mediafire here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b033ave76v9ajuh/The%20Soft%20Moon%20-%20Live%20At%20Klub%20Krucial%2C%20Austin%2C%20TX%20%28SXSW%29.m4v

    Also has anyone gotten a decent rip of the Primavera set yet? I saw another link to a recording but I wasn't sure if it was the same audio as the WFMU rip or not here: http://playgroundmag.net/unmedia/22250-the-soft-moon

    One last thing, if anyone owns the Breathe The Fire 7", I don't have a physical copy yet, I'd love to get my hands on some high quality scans of the records and the back of the sleeve. The rest of my scans of my Soft Moon records are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mogwaione/collections/72157626873092497/

  2. The Mediafire and Playgroundmag links are dead, but the Flickr link is still good.

    mogwaione's video is still available via Vimeo: