Craft Spells w/The Soft Moon - 2011-04-03 - Vera Project Seattle WA

Photo courtesy of virtualsound

Another show taped by SR of two outstanding Captured Tracks artists, one of course being The Soft Moon, which have been amply covered elsewhere in this here blog, and the other are the excellent Craft Spells, playing selections from their new album 'Idle Labor' for this record release party.

Again, the quality of these recordings should cause your jaw to drop and hit the floor, they put my own meager efforts to shame.  Enjoy!

Craft Spells
Vera Project
Seattle WA

SR master.  Gear: Schoeps MK4 active setup > Nbox > Sony PCM-M10 (wav @ 48KHz 24 bit) > Adobe Audition 1.5 (tracksplits, normalization, downsampling to 44.1/16 > FLAC

Photo courtesy of virtualsound

Love Well Spent
Scandinavian Crush (alt video)
The Fog Rose High
After The Moment (pt 2)
Beauty Above All
Given The Time
Party Talk
You Should Close The Door
From The Morning Heat

Volume got turned up a bit during the second song, I've normalized levels so hopefully this is not noticeable.

Photo courtesy of virtualsound

The Soft Moon
Vera Project
Seattle WA

SR master.  Same as above.

Breathe The Fire
We Are We
Out Of Time
When It's Over
Tiny Spiders

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  1. A group called 'Witch Gardens' also played, whom I believe SR also recorded, so if there's any interest I can see about getting that one as well. Otherwise, the Virtual Sound blog should have enough to whet your appetite.

  2. Most of my Vera pictures are on flickr, if you go to flickr.com and search for People using "VirtualSound" you can see them. The first 90 seconds of any videos I uploaded are there as well.
    Feel free to use them on your blog, thanks!

  3. (resuscitated links)

    Craft Spells - 2011-04-03 - Vera Project, Seattle (FLAC)

    The Soft Moon - 2011-04-03 - Vera Project, Seattle (FLAC)