Thee Oh Sees - 2010-02-09 - Benefit For Coalition On Homelessness - Great American Music Hall SF

Thee Oh Sees
Benefit For Coalition On Homelessness
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco CA

tapers:  TH1:  Sony PCM-M10 w/built-in mics
         TZ0:  Sonic Studios DSM-6L/s > Edirol R-09HR
               Flip Ultra HD


Crushed Grass
Tidal Wave
Meat Step Lively
I Was Denied
Enemy Destruct
A Heavy Doktor
Dead Energy
Block Of Ice
Crack In Your Eye
The Dream

(individual videos recorded by megandabkowski)

Complete video of entire show is also on YouTube

Audio recordings:

TZ0 version (pCloud FLACs, zipfile, balcony)
TH1 version (pCloud FLACs, floor, down in front)
TZ0+TH1 blended version (pCloud FLACs)
Tri-source version (LINK DEAD, TZ0+TH1+FLIP, audio of complete video)

Sic Alps

Benefit For Coalition On Homelessness
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco CA


Song one is 'Wake Up It's Over'
Song three is new.
Song thirteen is 'Bathman'
Song sixteen is 'Do You Want To Give Money'.
I couldn't ID the rest.

TZ0 version (pCloud FLACs in zipfile, balcony)
TH1 version (pCloud FLACs in zipfile, floor) 
TZ0+TH1 blended version (pCloud FLACs in zipfile)

Gig report after the jump...

Gig Report

Thee Oh Sees were mind-blowing.  Up there with Eagles and Serra Bowl...I probably sweated off a couple of pounds right in front of JPD....they were on stage rather in the front of it though, but otherwise the GAMH turned out to be a really good place to go see them, if not as intimate as previous spots.

Holy Shit Double Death setlist.  NO letup from songs two through nine.

We separated fairly early on, so TZ0 filmed the setup/soundcheck and the ENTIRE show from the balcony using my Flip UltraHD...clear view of all four members and the audience, so a pretty unique document, as TOS don't play in many places with balconies...if you look carefully, and know what I look like, you can spot me bopping away.

I bought a Save KUSF hat for $5 which promptly fell out of my back pocket, ended up getting tossed on stage, but got swiped by some kids before I could retrieve it by the end of TOS' set.  Oh well, it was for a good cause.

The other bands, quickly:

Sandwitches were good, I filmed the first four songs (iPhone 4) until somebody (ahem, it was JPD and a couple of his buddies) walked in front of my line of sight so had to abort the rest of the filming.  TZ0 got a couple of songs using his digicam upstairs.

Really liked Ty Segall, he got the crowd moving too...bought his live album from the merch booth and had him sign it afterwards.  Nice guy.  I filmed two songs, one with iPhone 4 and another with my Flip.  TZ0 filmed a couple as well with his digicam.

The consensus between us was that Sic Alps didn't quite do it for us.  Nobody moved at all, though musically the last part of their had some OK songs.  Now I don't feel so bad using their set to ferry my kids back home when they played at Serra Bowl, though I think the recording does support their case a bit more than what we felt at the time.

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