Dum Dum Girls - 2011-02-16 - Bottom Of The Hill SF


Dum Dum Girls 2011-02-16 Bottom Of The Hill San Francisco CA 
00 intro (backing track at the start is "Man" by The Bird And The Bee) [0:0001 Play With Fire [The Rolling Stones] [3:5202 He Gets Me High [7:5403 Catholicked [10:5104 I Will Be [13:3305 Bhang Bhang, I'm A Burnout [16:0406 In My Head [19:1307 Take Care Of My Baby [23:3508 Jail La La [27:5009 Wrong Feels Right [30:2310 Teardrops On My Pillow [32:5711 It Only Takes One Night [35:5712 Everybody's Out [38:2313 Lavender Haze [42:3214 Rest Of Our Lives [46:2915 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out [The Smiths] [51:24
Total 55:43 
Recorded with (I believe) a Cisco Flip HD stage right in the corner, synced to my friend tomzero's outboard recording (Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics plugged into an Edirol R-09HR)....I have my own recording but it's currently lost, sitting on a DVD-R that I can't quite locate! 
I had shared openers Minks years ago (https://www.atmyheels.com/2011/03/minks-wdirty-beaches-2011-02-16-bottom.html) ...the only live performance vid of them it turns out, so very fortunate to have documented it...and I originally was going to wait until their second album came out before making this available...but never got around to it...until I discovered the video footage on a drive array I was sorting through....really really good POV of all band members. It's good that I did as I don't think this would have surfaced otherwise... the moral of the story is the best backup is sharing. Synced up quite nicely, and with some audio sweetening it's as good as can be hoped for with something like this. 
Enjoy Dee Dee and band during their heyday on their first tour date playing songs from the aptly named "Only In Dreams".... Better late than never! As their bass amp packed it in the bass is DI so it's probably a bit vanilla....but otherwise, this is great.
Audio simulcast of this recording, on pCloud

Video of two of the already-released tracks  (Catholicked & I Will Be)

Photo montage courtesy of tomzero:

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