Sandwitches - 2010-02-09 - Great American Music Hall SF

Here's my recording of the Sandwitches set from their Great American Music Hall show.  I enjoyed their set, and will enjoy it even more once any of you who download the files also pledge to check out their upcoming album, as I plan to do once it's out!

Great American Music Hall
San Francisco CA
Coalition on Homeless benefit show

taped by:  thehappyone, using Sony PCM-M10 w/built-in micsWAV > Adobe Audition 1.5 (heavy re-EQ'ing, tracksplits, downsample to 16/44.1 > FLAC

Download (pCloud FLAC files in zipfile)

Alternate version, last three tracks only (pCloud FLACs in zipfile)

I only know the names of the second and third tracks (Lightfoot and Relax At The Beach), as I believe all the other songs are off their forthcoming "Mrs Jones Cookies" album, which you'll be able to pre-order here.

There's also some videos I've upped on YouTube:

You can find older post about Sandwitches by clicking on this link.

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