Cheer Up? F*** Off: Xiu Xiu - 2010-03-20 - Bottom Of The Hill SF


(photo collage by thehappyone)

Xiu Xiu
Bottom Of The Hill
San Francisco CA

taper: thehappyone

kit: Sonic Studios DSM-6L's / Edirol R-09HR combo


00a -pre-gig PA  [3:48]
00b - Arabic Music and soundchecking  [12:34]
01 - intro  [1:17]
02 - Black Drum Machine  [5:28]
03 - Apistat Commander  [4:37]
04 - Gray Death  [3:21]
05 - Dear God, I Hate Myself [3:31]
06 - Muppet Face  [4:13]
07 - Gayle Lynn  [5:05]
08 - I Love The Valley Oh!  [5:18]
09 - Falkland Rd  [3:19]
10 - Poe Poe  [4:09]
11 - Gunatanamo Canto  [3:40]
12 - This Too Shall Pass Away (For Freddy)  [3:45]
13 - Chocolate Makes You Happy  [4:21]
14 - Boy Soprano  [6:19]
15 - outro  [1:43]
Total 76:48
The soundcheck part at the start features a piece by Mulla Abdussaheb called "Ya Yumma Weya Baba

Followed by one from Sayed Abboud called "Min Fergetak Lilyom"

And then Sultana Youssef's "Khouthni Bthemmetak

All from a collection called "Songs Of The Brokenhearted - Baghdad 1925-29"....extraordinary...

While this is playing, and while the band is setting up, we spot a Nintendo DS (running Korg DS-10 software) that's being used as a sound generating (synth) by the group...this will feature throughout the set.  I actually have one with presumably the same Korg software they were using, but not even a thousandth of the wherewithal to make all the twisted, glitchy noise on display here.  Way earlier than anything Teenage Engineering was doing...

After "Black Drum Machine", some woman facetiously and asininely suggests to Jamie to cheer up.  He tells her to fuck off.

Not sure why I didn't feature this on AMH, as I didn't share it on DIME...maybe as a time capsule for an older self to reflect back on.

Video from recycleyourpets, featuring "Gayle Lynn":

And "I Love The Valley OH!"...

And dug out from my archives my own video recording of this...

Think Jamie stepped away for a bit after this song (the video above cuts off at the end of the track) presumably not happy about something, but he did come back to perform about seven more songs including one of the standouts of Dear God, I Hate Myself ("This Too Shall Pass Away") and old chestnut "The Boy Soprano".


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