Thee Oh Sees - 2010-03-26 - Social Science Trailer No.103 - UC Irvine CA

Third in a series of four March 2010 Southern California shows from the San Francisco-based quartet, taped by the indomitable bcingyou.

I was NOT denied...
La la la la la...
La la la la la...

Who but these guys would play in a portable CLASSROOM???

Four score people got the show of their lives.  If this group isn't one of the best live bands on this planet and you don't groove when they play, you must be DEAD, DEAD, DEAD, DEAD...
from bcingyou:

"Wow...fucking Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 3rd night seeing Thee Oh Sees was a thrill ride....playing in a portable classroom on UC Irvine campus...I didn't think anyone would be able to find this place but the crazies came out of the woodwork and filled this classroom with a capacity of 80 max (campus security made sure no more got in)...easily the most energy intense show I've EVER attended....the only show where I got hit so hard from behind that my tomahawk mic went flying out of my hands and I was stunned wondering: "why are my hands empty and where's my mic"....landed next to Brigid's feet under her keyboard...4 a.m. and I'm still wired...."

26 March 2010
Social Science Trailer #103, UC Irvine Campus, Irvine, CA

Audience Master Recording by bcingyou.
Recorded directly beside keyboardist, Brigid Dawson. Band and audience at floor level.

M-Audio MicrotrackII + Sony ECM990-F > WAV(44.1 sample rate/16bit) > CD Wave Editor track split > FLAC level 8

01. Enemy Destruct
02. Contraption (mic hits ground at 20 sec. mark)
03. I Was Denied
04. Meat Step Lively
05. Dead Energy
06. Block Of Ice
07. AA Warm Breeze
08. Ghost In The Trees
09. Crack In Your Eye
10. Tidal Wave
11. Warm Slime (Summertime Jam)

Total time - 45:05

Audio recording (pCloud FLAC format)

bcingyou documented the openers as well, here's the Cosmonauts' set:

26 March 2010
Social Science Trailer #103, UC Irvine Campus, Irvine, CA

00.  (song cut?)  
01.  Like A French Assassin
02.  Dorothy
03.  Electric Chemicals
04.  T.V. Californnia
05.  Neon Kids
06.  Our Man Flint

Cosmonauts (pCloud FLAC

And Sandwitches...most of the songs they played are on their album 'How To Make Ambient Sadcake' but there's a couple that are pretty new which I can't identify.

26 March 2010
Social Science Trailer #103, UC Irvine Campus, Irvine, CA

01.  (new song)  "I Walk Up To You". [YouTube of Sep 2010 Eagle Tavern performance]
02.  Back To The Sea
03.  Relax At The Beach
04.  (new song)  "Hold Me"  [YouTube of Mar 2010 SXSW performance]
05.  Wicked Inger
06.  The Revisionist
07.  Kiss Your Feet
08.  Fire

Sandwitches (pCloud FLAC)

I dug up a photoset of the bands....

And at some point a recording of 25m of video of TOS may very well surface...

(this actually referenced to the Founders' Park video, seen in my post from that show.)


  1. Great blog spot...have been enjoying all your posts, especially the recordings of Thee Oh Sees, which is one of my favorite new bands. However, you might want to check the file you uploaded for this Irvine show...I downloaded it twice yesterday and both times couldn't extract the files. I tried several different extracting programs, including winzip and winrar and got the same result...the individual tracks didn't show up and anything extracted was in an unusable format. Let me know what you find out...love the blog and keep up the good work, Danny Sherr
    PS Didin't check the Cosmonauts file so don't know if the same problem appliies.

  2. Danny: I just pulled the zipfile down and extracted it fine, and the .md5 checksum file matches up with the contents.

    Please drop me a line at the@atmyheels.com and I'll get these to you via alternate means. If you prefer MP3 I could make it available that way too.

    In the meantime, I've also upped the Sandwitches set...

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