Terry Malts - New Year's Eve 2012 at the Hemlock

Terry Malts
Hemlock Tavern
San Francisco CA

Recording by thehappyone, done with Olympus LS-5 and built-in mics, resting on the ledge stage right.


[end of pre-set DJ'ing by Papa Slumber, featuring Witchhunt by The Mob...band soundchecking]
Something About You
What Was It?
Tumble Down
Waiting Room
Not Far From It
Mall Dreams
Live Wire
I Do
I'm Neurotic
Up The Down Escalator [The Chameleons]
Fun Night
['irate punter' wanting one more]

Normally, I eschew going out for New Years Eve, since the idea of celebrating the end of another year of misery, cruelty, and destruction seems silly to me.  Looks like I wasn't alone in this sentiment, but that's for the next post.  But for Phil, Corey, and Nathan, I was more than happy to head out to the good old Hemlock for at that point would have been my fourth time seeing them, and it was as wonderful as the first three times, and the next five times.
The band come onto the magnificent Witchhunt by The Mob (Papa Slumber's musical selections probably deserve their own post, but I'll include what I recorded here and allow you to hear for yourselves).  Phil asks for lots of reverb, so people wouldn't know what he was saying since according to him, it was all racist stuff and he didn't want people to know they were really a white power band.  Hether then yells out "NO, not the racist shit again!"...so I'd have to guess this schtick, quite obviously a put-on but easily misunderstood for those unfamiliar with the group, got frequently used during their October US tour.  Haha.

"Tumble Down" appears to have Nacie speeding well ahead of the rest of the group, he has to slow down for the rest of the group to catch up.

Phil, at the end of "Waiting Room":

"The world is NOT going to end next year, so shut up!  Not if I have something to say about it.  I'm going to put Anthrax CD's in every house in America!".

This show also features the 2nd or 3rd performance of "Live Wire", which is scheduled to appear on a forthcoming split 7" with Dead Angle.  At this point it still had the initial set of lyrics, which I'm personally a bit more partial to...as I absolutely adore the "It's a game / everyone wants to play" refrain...
"I Do" is the best song anybody has ever written about anyone else, PERIOD.

Instead of the usual Negative Trend cover at this point in the set, we're treated to a surprise rendition of The Chameleons' 
"Up The Down Escalator" instead.  WOW!  And it's a great version, too. 

The group finish up with the thrash-meets-doo-wop "Fun Night", though it's not enough to sate the assembled throng, one of whom blurts out the quite memorable put-down of "MAGGOTS, you fucking Jesus and Mary Chain FAGGOTS"...

Next up, Wax Idols.  Stay tuned...

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