The Mallard - December 2011 shows

The Mallard
Adobe Books SF

Taper: thehappyone
Equipment: Olympus LS-5, stuck on the bookshelves


Lying in the East [Greer solo]
Candy For Brains
Shelly and Patty
I Listen To Lyrics Last

Incubation bittorrent link
(download audio in FLAC format)

I had PM'ed Greer to tell her about our various tapings, and she informed me that there was a show later that day...so I couldn't help but to tell her "sure, I'll be there!"  And a rush, push, and a BART train later, I was there.

I had never been to Adobe Books in the Mission, but what a cool place to lounge about and see a show...I even bought a book about competitive Scrabble, which I read from waiting for the groups to set up.  Both Brigid from Thee Oh Sees and Byron from Pow! were in attendance, and later on, JPD himself would put in an
appearance, taking pictures with an old-school camera.  For good reason, as we were
treated to a lovely version of Lying... with Greer playing it solo.  Then the Dylans came on and performed the rest of the set with her.  Way too soon, it was all over...

Two of the tracks (Lying and Ants) were video recorded on a fellow attendee's iPhone fitted with a fisheye lens.  These are linked above.

More pictures can be found in my Flickr album


Another Mallard set after the jump...

The Mallard
Positive Destruction presents...
Thee Parkside SF

Taper: tomzero, Sonic Studios DSM-6sL's > Edirol R-09HR, I was having issues with my kit.


Candy For Brains
Fault (false start)
I Listen to Lyrics Last

Incubation bittorrent link (download FLACs)

I have to be a bit honest here.  

At this stage, I had seen Thee Mallard once at the Thee Oh Sees Verdi Club show but felt this was a bit of a letdown, either due to the sound or maybe I was too far back...or there may have been other influences at work..<SATAN>...this attitude was to change however, as the band continues to get tighter...tighter than a duck's behind in fact...bah-dum-dum...now I love 'em and regret that due to conflicting commitments I wasn't able to see them at the Independent opening for Thee Oh Sees...enjoy!

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