Weekend - 2011-05-19 - The Independent SF

The Independent SF

Recording by TZ0
Sonic Studios Mics > Edirol R09-HR

Setlist, slightly amended from original posting.

Age Class
new song
End Times
new song
new song
Monday Morning
Monongah, WV
Coma Summer

Download  (FLACs)

Photos by Sam Heller

Opening acts

Clipd Beaks set available here.

(TH1 recording, done with Sound Professionals CMC-SP-4s > CA11 > Sony PCM-M10)

Jealousy set available here.
(TZ0 recording)

A video of the elusive Jealousy...

Just crank these up loud, and enjoy.  I'm not sure what I can say besides this was the second time seeing Mark Treise (as Jelousy) play his bass drone Minimal Man-type set, which I quite liked.  Clipd Beaks reminded me of Crispy Ambulance but a bit less angular, they shall hopefully find their identity in time.

Weekend.  "End times" indeed.  Had there been a Rapture and the end of the world, this would have been the soundtrack.  The group brought these crystal colored spheres which gave the stagehand guy fits getting to work, but which added the appropriate color tones.

Shaun asked the crowd what people were going to do on Saturday.  Being a SF audience, some joker yelled back "Smoke weed!".  The response:  "Smoke weed?  You don't think much of yourselves, don't you.  Weed is about the last drug I'd do.  I'd smoke black crayons, because that shit is the hardest."  You just had to be there.

My favorite of the set was the song right after, a new one, with a Hooky-style bass riff, a spine of a drum beat and Kevin Johnson's soaring guitar squalls, and the plaintive cry of "Hazel" as the chorus...

Don't miss these guys if they happen to play in your town.

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