Beach Fossils / Craft Spells / Melted Toys - 2011-05-05 - Slim's SF

Beach Fossils
Slim's SF


Sometimes  [natski0001]
Wide Awake
The Horse  [dburtonMMXI]
Fall Right In [breakdown + bass swap]
Fall Right In
Youth  [thehappyone]
Lazy Day
Golden Age  [thehappyone]
Daydream  [dburtonMMXI]

Twenty-Four Hours [Joy Div] tease [dburtonMMXI]
Twelve Roses [dburtonMMXI] [thehappyone]

TZ0TH1 blend, FLAC files in zipfile (Sonic Studio DSM-6s/L omnis + Church Audio CA-11 cards)

Featured in reverse order, three brilliant groups, two on Captured Tracks, and the third rumored to be joining in short order.

Both my friend and I were shocked to see a full-fledged moshpit form two-thirds into Beach Fossils set, but apparently this happens on a regular basis.  Some folks have said they sound like Wild Nothing, but in fact it's they who brought them to Captured Tracks, and they have a more 60s beachy/summery sound than their counterparts.  My favorites are Vacation, Calyer, and Daydream, and their energy onstage was impressive, even if the last several songs barely held together.    Support their music, visit the Captured Tracks ordering page and pick up some CDs/vinyl and catch them live!

Craft Spells
Slim's SF


Your Tomb
Scandinavian Crush  [Chuey75]
After The Moment  [Chuey75] [jmsvistrs] [dburtonMMXI] 
The Fog Rose High
Love Well Spent
Party Talk  [Chuey75] [dburtonMMXI] 
From The Morning Heat  [dburtonMMXI]
Given The Time

You Should Close The Door  [thehappyone] 

Full recording [FLAC files in ZIP]  

Craft Spells are rapidly becoming a favorite of many, with their catchy songs and modern moods.  As the kids are wont to say, they killed it in front of a hometown crowd featuring some members of Justin's family, not much more I have to add besides go to the Captured Tracks website and order everything you can get your grubby hands on.

Melted Toys
Slim's SF
Come On
Lost Connection
Rose Again (MP3 available here)
Wild Waves
Portals  [dburtonMMXI]

Nearly-full recording 

[FLAC files in zipfile, missing start of 'Come On']

For me, these guys were a very pleasant surprise, and illustrates all the absolutely brilliant bands that make San Francisco and the Bay Area home.  A bit bummed that we missed some of the first track Come On, featured on Michael Stock's KXLU 'Part Time Punks' broadcast, since we got to Slim's slightly late and this show (in a departure from normal SF shows) actually started on time.  The second song (don't know the title currently) is probably my favorite.

Will be checking these guys out when they open for Terry Malts (featuring members of Magic Bullets) early next month at the Knockout.  Bought their Underwater Peoples maxi-ep/mini-lp right after their set.

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