Dead Souls - 2010-12-10 - The Knockout SF


Prior to Peter Hook's set at the Mezzanine (which for various reasons I won't cover here in this blog), I caught Joy Division tribute band 'Dead Souls' at the Knockout, a bar on Mission at the end of Valencia, performing "Closer" in its entirety in an acoustic set...well, except for the bassist, he was plugged in, and was wearing a very cool Unknown Pleasures shirt with Arabic script.

Kudos to Dave "Ian Curtis" Tibbs for permission to record, the Skibitzke brothers, Sonja Treho, Ray Welter from Carta, and string section(!) as well as a percussionist and sitar player for putting on an entertaining free show.

Ray from Carta guests
Dead Souls
The Knockout
San Francisco CA

taper:  thehappyone
equip:  Sony PCM-M10 with built-in mics

(linked songs feature video I shot with my iPhone 4 with audio blended in from my recording)

Paul and that UP shirt!
Setlist: (soundcheck, intro) / Atrocity Exhibition / Isolation / Passover / Colony / A Means To An End / (end of side one, band intros) / Heart and Soul / Twenty Four Hours / The Eternal / Decades / (end of side two, intro to rest of set) / Transmission / Love Will Tear Us Apart / From Safety To Where (interlude) / Atmosphere

Download in FLAC format


  1. Interesting set this....some could say a bit more imagination to play this out live than PHTL doing UP. Agree, t-shirt is sweet as....

  2. I saw the guy with the Arabic Unknown Pleasures shirt at the PHTL show at the Mezzanine. He said that he had received lots of attention for the shirt. It is quite cool IMHO.

  3. Agreed! If you want to order one (which I went ahead and did), they're only something like $15, just follow the link above where I mention it.