Middle Class - 2010-11-07 - Part Time Punks: Frontier Records 30th Anniversary

credit:  Jeffrey Terranova

UPDATE (Monday, April 21st 2014):  

It is with heavy heart that I learned that guitarist Mike Atta passed away from kidney cancer on Sunday.

This post is dedicated to his memory and those who knew him or were touched by his music.


bcingyou put together the following as an introduction...

"We could split the night wide open, see all the secrets there"
- A Skeleton At The Feast by Middle Class from Homeland LP

My passion for music can be traced through the strain of logic that permeates the entire canon of Middle Class.  The searing insights from the monotone, unwavering delivery of Jeff Atta's vocals to the 'take notice' intensity of Mike Patton's bass lines and Mike Atta's guitar have picked at the scab of this music lover's soul for 30 years.  Never mind the distraction that they were most likely the first hardcore punk band (thanks in part to the wide-eyed consequence of copious amounts of Dr. Pepper), Middle Class spoke from the core of existence and demanded closer scrutiny.  

A breakthrough song in the history of American punk is A Blueprint For Joy which decisively cuts through the raw inarticulate aggression of punk's first wave and opens the rusty gate of emotion revealing a darker side of life expressed in the notion that we are all ultimately trapped victims not just of a confusing society but of ourselves.

there's a pattern to sin
there's a blueprint for joy
there are guides to reaction
we seek to employ

see I clipped its wings
to see what it brings
lying to myself
swept under the scene

there's life in these buildings
hidden away from the sun
the whimper in bedrooms
the things we call fun

I kept my distance
offered resistance
I've heard all the reasons
I've counted every one

there's tactical buildup
there's rumours of war
nightspots in L.A.
no effort to ignore

(apologies if incorrectly deciphered as there's no online lyrics to be found for A Blueprint For Joy)

Middle Class possessed that rare quality of being able to tap the frustration that festers beneath the surface and the talent to execute.  The few times I saw them in '81-'82 left an indelible mark as from a group of young men who seriously considered their place in the world and reached beyond an audience for satisfaction. Always ahead of the pack. 

The recent Frontier 30th Anniversary Party may have been to showcase the more well known factions of punk in The Adolescents, T.S.O.L. and Avengers but for the this heart of darkness I'll always identify with Middle Class as being the real deal.
Out of Vogue, indeed. 


Live recordings after the jump...

07 November 2010 
Part Time Punks ‚Frontier Records 30th Anniversary‚
Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA

M-Audio MicrotrackII+Sony ECM990F>WAV(44.1 sample rate/16bit) >
Audio Audition 1.5 eq to lessen bass, boost mids, highs > 
CD Wave Editor tracksplit > FLAC level 8.

credit: Jeffrey Terranova

01 intro
02 Home Is Where
03 You Belong
04 Archetype
05 Restless Young Men
06 Situations
07 Above Suspicion
08 Love Is Just A Tool
09 Introductory Rites
10 Ritual And Deceit
11 Insurgence
12 A Blueprint For Joy
13 Mosque
14 Out Of My Hands
15 Last Touch
16 Out Of Vogue

17 Nightlife Music (cover)
18 She Cracked (Modern Lovers cover)

Audience master recording by bcingyou‚ recorded four feet from left side of stage in front of bassist
Mike Patton.
Jeff Atta - Vocals
Mike Atta - Guitar
Mike Patton - Bass
Matt Simon - Drums

Eddie And The Subtitles encore after Middle Class.
Mike Patton - Vocals
Mike Atta - Guitar
Ward Dotson (Pontiac Brothers) - Guitar
Matt Simon (Pontiac Brothers vocalist) - Drums

19 American Society

On YouTube:

The Middle Class - Home Is Where  (edited by the lovely Moko117)
Eddie And The Subtitles - American Society (Moko117)

The Middle Class - HD videos from ograwker:

And more videos:

You Belong alternate capture (joeyfumes)


  1. An absolute amazing show! Thanks for posting this! This is the best blog that I have been to! Keep up the great work, guys. Thank you!


  2. FYI, re: 15 Introductory Rites

    it's actually "Last Touch"... you just listed Intro Rites twice by accident I think...

    Thanks for the post! The show was amazing!

  3. danny: thanks for the correction, I've edited the tracklisting here appropriately, and will do DIME's once they're out of their nightly maintenance window

  4. Middle Class Frontier 30th Anniversary PTP show at the Echoplex:


    Zoom H2 with internal mics -> HD -> Soundforge -> FLAC http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=489493