Futureheads w/Social Studies - 2010-10-02 - Great American Music Hall

Mr. Tomzero is my frequent partner in crime.  He's responsible for supplying the recordings that comprise this latest edition of AMH.  Over the weekend, he went to go see The Futureheads.

To me, their name sounds like they should be a techno group, but in fact they're a four-piece out of Sunderland, England.  I think some of the tracks off their debut album was produced by Andy Gill of Gang Of Four fame.  To be honest, they're more up Tomzero's alley then mine, as this is only the second thing I've ever heard by them.

Their latest album is called 'The Chaos', and can be picked up from their site.  What's interesting is that there's a download option that offers FLAC versions of the tracks, at the same price as MP3.  Pretty generous of them!  If you enjoyed this, please show your appreciation and buy their albums, see their shows, and buy their swag!

Anyway, enough of my sales pitch, here's your chance of hearing a quite entertaining performance, if like me you missed their (as of this writing) ongoing North American tour.

The Futureheads - 2010-10-02 San Francisco, Great American Music Hall

Sonic Studio mics -> Edirol R-09HR (24 bit / 48 kHz) -> Nero (level boost & downsample to 16 bit / 44.1 k) -> cd wav -> flac level 8

01 intro
02 The Chaos
03 Area
04 Struck Dumb
05 Heartbeat Song
06 Decent Days And Nights
07 I Can Do That
08 Worry About It Later
09 Skip To The End
10 Sun Goes Down
11 Work Is Never Done
12 Beginning Of The Twist
13 Carnival Kids
14 Hounds Of Love
15 Jupiter
16 He Knows
17 The Connector
18 Man Ray

Social Studies are one of those local groups that seem to be constantly playing local shows, but which are well-worth watching in their own right.  'Sparrow' by these guys is a pop-gem anthem.  Their lyrics are cool too, definitely not the girl-meets-boy/girl-loses-boy, but cover various topics one might have read back in social...well, you get the picture.

They have an album titled 'Wind Up Wooden Heart' (on Antenna Farm Records) which they just released back in July, available through their site.

Check it out.

Social Studies - 2010-10-02 San Francisco, Great American Music Hall

Sonic Studio mics -> Edirol R-09HR (24 bit / 48 kHz) -> Nero (level boost & downsample to 16 bit / 44.1k) -> cd wav -> flac level 8

01 Sparrow
02 Holler Boys
03 Trapdoor Spider
04 Mad Descent
05 We Choose Our Own Adventures
06 ?
07 Drag A Rake

Tomzero says his recording sounds a bit hollow, which is probably due to being up in the front and out of the PA cone, but it's still a good listen.

credit: thebaybridged.com
As a bonus, I have a recording with them playing at 'Popfest' at the Rickshaw stop earlier this year, opening for tUnE-yArDs, which is a topic for an upcoming post.  Perhaps my next post, 
even.  Now, I'm regretting not going, but weekend shows are 
tough for me, since I have a
wife and three kids, all of which play youth soccer.

Here you go, kids.

Social Studies - 2010-05-27 -'Popfest', Rickshaw Stop - San Francisco

Sonic Studios DSM-6/Ls > Edirol R-09HR (this was before I bought the Sony) > Adobe Audition 1.5 (normalization/tracksplits) -> FLAC

1. Holler Boys
2. Mad Descent
3. Drag A Rake
4. Time Bandit
5. Weathered White
6. Sparrow
7. Let's Live For Today  [The Grass Roots]
8. We Choose Our Own Adventures


  1. I cannot get my hands on any SS. I'd love a re-up.

  2. Actually, never uploaded any of the SS recordings, as nobody had asked before. They're up now.

  3. MP3s of above live recordings:

    Social Studies + Futureheads GAMH show:

    Social Studios 'Popfest' Rickshaw Stop show: