The Last Days Of April - 2008-03-18 - Cafe Du Nord SF

From the band's Tumbler

Last Days Of April
Cafe Du Nord
San Francisco CA

taper: thehappyone
kit;  Sony ECM-MS907 > SS PA-06 batbox > iPod classic 5th gen 30Gb
Here's a recording that's not been made available before.
Looked them up and they seem like they are a Swedish act who are still around!

They have an official Tumblr which was being kept up to date.

There are 11 tracks in my recording.  I've done a re-EQ job since it seemed a bit boomy, as well as phase corrected.  Aside from the Flipper and Stephen Malkmus shows, which were done with a Belkin TuneTalk that I still have around here somewhere, I'd been using mics borrowed from friends and co-workers, with the Sony ECM-MS907 (one of the ones I borrowed) being one I used quite a bit in 2008-09, set aside for a couple of years and then used again from 2012-14 for a total of 50 performances, and then sent back last year as the person I had borrowed it from (Jason D.) had moved to Portland a number of years prior.

Also discovered I missed a couple of tracksplits.

As for the music from Karl Larsson....makes sense he's a big Lemonheads fan as this has the same breezy quality, but maybe more earnest.  I wonder if some of these tracks were ever released, there's a gap between the 2007 and 2010 albums which may offer some unreleased material, so don't have any track IDs, except for the last two songs in the main set (#10) called "Live The End" and (#11) called "At Your Most Beautiful", which was announced.

Sorry for the talking during tracks 9 and beyond, my friends showed up at that point, and had to share my assessment that they (the band, not my friends) were about "15 years late to the party" during that track.  I think for this reason it's why I've never shared it.  Sorry, Karl.

I found video footage of them from five days prior in Dallas TX (Granada Theatre) 13 March 2008.
Track #2
Who's One The Phone (not played in SF)


Live The End (track #10)

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