Back to the start: My very first recording, Lush at Union Square, 1992

I'm changing up things around here somewhat.  Think I'm going to just put out every one of my recordings, in chronological order...still aiming for once or twice a month, but may end up being more often.

This is a first-gen VHS dub of my Sony Handycam CCD-F70 8mm recording, and is indeed the very first thing I ever recorded.   What a hell of a way to start.  Too bad the world would have to wait another thirteen years before my next recording, and that would be as different to this as one could get.

Copious notes are to be found in the YouTube post.

By the way, there are no less than four different video recordings of this show.  Here are the other three, courtesy of "Roy Oh" and coolerthanjesus.webs.org.

See the Light From A Dead Star writeup for more information.  These are listed in version order. What's scary is that I may actually have a fifth one kicking about, but have the tape in storage.

Unfortunately, I had to remove the original links because the hosting accounts have all been terminated, so there's only a couple of clips from Version #2 and Version #4 is gone.

Luckily, somebody ran all four in parallel so we can still see them, and must have synced up audio to boot, though I haven't studied in detail what they did.

Version #3 is still online:

Version #2 clips:


Nothing Natural

And for kicks, here's video featuring my most recent recording, of a group called Wooden Shjips at the Chapel last Friday the 23rd of January.  This song is called "Lazy Bones".

If you're interested in the full audio recording, it's here (membership required).

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