Surf Club - 2012-01-27 - Serra Bowl Daly City [RIP]

Surf Club
Serra Bowl
Daly City CA

recording by: thehappyone, using an Olympus LS-5 strategically placed on top of one of those kids-ride-for-a-quarter amusements.


soundchecking, bowling
Young Love
It's True
You Need Love
Lonely Days
Finding A Friend

Download audio (FLAC format, 
includes photo set)

The last of four performances that night.
It's well documented that member Frankie Soto of Surf Club was in an early version of Craft Spells, though they lean much more towards Beach Fossils in sonics, but with a Best West Coast sensibility rather than say, Jones Beach. 

Unfortunately, the vocals at this point were buried pretty low in the "mix", but hey, we're talking about live music, and it still grooves.  It does feel like you're right there with them as they're playing.  If you look carefully at the top pic, you'll see the dudes from Weekend watching.

Alas, I don't have the names of the last three tracks, but I'm sure there will be a future release from those guys that feature them, as they're just as strong as the first five.

If you want more, head on over to their Bandcamp page to hear (or purchase, like I did) their Young Love EP.

MegaZInE & hEr FLiP in action

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