Thee Oh Sees - 2011-12-07 - SF State University

THEE OH SEES Go To College
The Depot
San Francisco State University

Trisource blend (TH1 only for most of track 02/03/most of 04)

TZ0: Sonic Sudios DSM-6s/L > Edirol R-09HR
TH1: Olympus LS-5 w/built-in mics
TH1: Cisco FlipHD audio

A completely INSANE Thee Oh Sees show...with two drum kits and keyboards and various monitors, I figured there would be NO WAY they could fit on stage, but somehow they pulled it off, loads of crowd-surfing and mayhem.  And it was free!

This was filmed with my FlipHD, with sound synchronized from multiple portable recorders, for some reason TZ0's cut out near the start of 'The Dream', and he only noticed near the end of 'Enemy Destruct'.  The FlipHD audio was dropped by -33dB due to it being overloaded, but it adds loads of sizzle, and the TH1 recording by -6dB to better balance the TZ0 recording, which was done further back.  

Anyway, enough of the technicals...and enough of the hype over the "SF Garage Scene"...all I know is that these guys put on one HELL of a live show and can whip up a frenzy like few others, and this was a PERFECT place to do it in as the crowd was packed and feeling it...

Watch the COMPLETE VIDEO recording here.  If you don't agree this was a completely AMAZING performance, I will refund 100% of your money, guaranteed:


Contraption/Soul Desert 
The Dream 
Tidal Wave 
Enemy Destruct 
Block Of Ice 
Mean Step Lively 
I Was Denied 
Destroyed Fortress Reappears 
Carrion Crawler 
Dead Energy 

Incubation bittorrent of audio recording (FLAC format)


* the lucky person who got handed JPD's guitar to play during 'Block Of Ice'  
* the announcement that if you are crowd surfing, to please avoid hitting the ceiling lights 
* JPD: "you guys will crowd surf to anything"...don't believe him for a second!

* some "bro" who started dancing on stage during 'Dead Energy' only to be sent back from whence he came through a well-applied boot, to cheers of approval and delight

A link to the Flickr picture set:


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The opening groups after the jump:

Twin Steps
The Depot 
SF State Univ

TZ0TH1 blend 
TZ0: Sonic Sudios DSM-6s/L > Edirol R-09HR
TH1: Olympus LS-5 w/built-in mics


Wave Of My Emotion
Junkie Song  
'Last Night'  [new song]
Son Of Sam  
Pinkie Promise

Incubation bittorrent of audio recording (FLAC format)

Frontman Drew Pearson was a ball of energy throughout, spending as much time in the crowd as in front of it, and throwing sampled sounds into the mix to bridge songs.  The gospel/soul-tinged punk was pretty delicious as well, and his appreciation of the headliners was noted warmly as well.  My partner in crime saw them last year at Engine Works, so that set may one day see the light of day.

I also put up a video of "Junkie Song" on YouTube here:

One more band after the break...

Cool Ghouls
The Depot
SF State Univ

TZ0TH1 blend (TH1 only for tracks 00-02)
TZ0: Sonic Sudios DSM-6s/L > Edirol R-09HR
TH1: Olympus LS-5 w/built-in mics


Witch's Game
Pie In The Sky
Queen Sophie
Thing's I've Seen

Incubation bittorrent of audio recording (FLAC format)

Help in identifying the cover appreciated! 

(Pat from Cool Ghouls wrote in and provided the complete list of songs, and to point out all of them are ORIGINALs.  Thanks for the update!)

I have to admit I wasn't that impressed when first espying this particular group, but appearances proved deceiving, and upon playback, I decided they indeed lived up to their name.  My compatriot had a bit of trouble finding the place...I admittedly did as well, but I was able to leave from work sooner then he did...but it was entirely worth it!


  1. Would love to check out this show, but I really don't want to sign into another new service to download it. Is it possible for you to send the bittorent file to me so I can copy and paste it into my torrent program (Utorrent)or upload the file to mediafire or some other file-sharing service?

    Please post your response here or on my blog comments at http://eclectic-grooves.blogspot.com



    1. I've replied to Kevin here: http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=36524779&postID=9185586286618583777&page=1&token=1334037915080&isPopup=true

  2. Yo! Pat from Cool Ghouls here, just stumbled on this. Thanks for comin out and recording the show man, it all sounds great! As for our set, the song titles are:

    1. Witch's Game
    2. Pie in the Sky
    3. Queen Sophie
    4. Things I Seen
    5. Grace
    6. Earthquake

    All the songs are originals, we didn't do any covers that night.

    - Pat

    1. Thanks, Pat! Sorry for the delay in replying...I've updated the entry to reflect the song IDs and to point out that all were originals...though I swear the last song does have elements of a classic 60s/70s tune, just like TOS based the riff from Tidal Wave from 'Have Love Will Travel' by the Sonics...