Thee Oh Sees - 2011-10-27 - The New Parish Oakland

Up close and personal with JPD and crew, in glorious 1080p video.

Need I say more?  The photos accompanying this writeup are *actual screenshots* from the video...which I've since adjusted a bit to overcome the red lighting, so it actually looks even better than what you see here.

The audio is a blend of my Church Audio CA-11 cardoid mics plugged into an Olympus LS-5 and the native iPhone 4S capture for high-end sizzle, with the latter mixed -15dB down as it's otherwise distorted as all get out.


soundchecking (check out Petey 
playing the bassline to PiL's 
'Death Disco'...there's a Beatles 
song in there too)
Contraption / Soul Desert
The Dream
Block Of Ice
Enemy Destruct
Meat Step Lively
Tidal Wave
Poison Finger
Destroyed Fortress Reappears
unidentified new song
Dead Energy

Keep in mind this is but a pale substitute for seeing them yourselves. Both their tour split with Total Control (go here for my video of their set) and their latest album Carrion Crawler / The Dream both capture the sound of the band live.


  1. thanks! ALWAYS appreciate more John D!!

  2. Such a great recording many thanks sorted gutted they didnt do Carrion Crawler or Robber Barrons but this is an awesome performance (err song listed as Carrion Crawler is not thats not a complaint its just to let you know!)

  3. Oops, yeah, it's not Carrion Crawler, but Poison Finger, which somebody else pointed out to me. Thanks for the correction! There's more TOS in the pipeline.