The Soft Moon / Craft Spells - 2011-08-25 - Rickshaw Stop SF

I can't think of a better way to break my dry spell other than posting the setlists for these two wonderful groups.  If you don't already own the CDs/vinyl, PLEASE, PLEASE head over to Captured Tracks' site to purchase these

As of this writing, this was the fourth time capturing The Soft Moon and the second for Craft Spells.  Both of these are the usual "TZ0TH1" blends, with an additional twist in that before Craft Spells went on, I inadvertently sprinkled my M10 with essence de Anchor Steam, and while the unit continued to do its fine job capturing tracks, it started to malfunction and gave up the ghost afterwards, so a hearty RIP to my Sony.  I have an Olympus LS-5 on order, let's see how that does.

The Soft Moon
Rickshaw Stop (Popscene)
San Francisco CA
TZ0TH1 blend


Into The Depths
Dead Love
Breathe The Fire
We Are We
Out Of Time
When It's Over
Tiny Spiders

The crowd begged, pleaded, and cajoled for an encore, but there was to be none, with Luis instead inviting everyone to come out to the Independent on Halloween for their EP record release party.

Craft Spells
Rickshaw Stop (Popscene)
San Francisco CA
TZ0TH1 blend


Love Well Spent
Scandinavian Crush
Your Tomb
From The Morning Heat
Beauty Above All
After The Moment
The Fog Rose High
Party Talk
Given The Time
You Should Close The Door

While there was nothing in the way of video from this show, probably due to the dim lighting, I've put together an addendum for all summer 2011 Craft Spell footage that I've managed to scare up.


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