Tamaryn / The Black Ryder - Noise Pop - Cafe Du Nord - 25 Feb 2011

Playing catchup putting up all the great, great shows I've been to this year.  

Here's another one, this was a highly anticipated Noise Pop show at the Cafe Du Nord featuring Mexican Summer recording artiste Tamaryn headlining, with labelmates The Black Ryder making an appearance all the way from Australia.  Also playing were the Soft Moon (already covered here) and Wax Idols (subject of an upcoming post).

Without any further ado, here's our recording, which is a blend of two different recordings done with Sonic Studios mics.

Noise Pop
Cafe Du Nord
San Francisco CA


Choirs Of Winter
Cascades ~ Mild Confusion
The Waves
Coral Flower
Haze Interior
Light Shadows

Sadly, Tamaryn was having difficulties with her in-ear monitors, which had failed during her set, so she was having trouble hearing herself sing, but overall a strong performance of their songs from their Waves album.  If you have a chance, give it a listen, it's excellent!  Here's the listing on the Mexican Summer site.

Here's a link to a YouTube clip of her and her band during soundcheck

Next up, The Black Ryder...

Aimee's heart-melting smile...

For me, these guys were the big surprise, since I hadn't heard of them before the show.  From what I hear, they're protoges of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and for me represent the best thing I've seen from down under since Eddy Current Suppression Ring.  In fact, someone next to me said they had flown in all the way from Las Vegas just to check them out.  Singer Aimee looked like Toni Halliday of Curve, but had a softer dreamier approach, wrapped in black leather.

Their drummer was fantastic as well, guitarist Scott shot out peals of tone and drone (just as advertised) and like Tamaryn, they have an album out on Mexican Summer.

Be sure to check out my video of 'Let It Go', which ranks as one of my best filmings, 'twas done with my iPhone 4.

The Black Ryder
Noise Pop
Cafe Du Nord
San Francisco CA


To Never Know You
Gone Without Feeling
What's Forasaken
Sweet Come Down


As mentioned previously, Wax Idols, the very first band on, will be the subject of  their own post...


  1. The opening song, based on the audio recordings, is "Choirs of Winter", and the one you marked as Unknown is "Haze Interior."

  2. please god tell me there's a recording of Thee Oh Sees show at Cafe du Nord.

  3. Tamaryn - 2011-02-25 - Club Du Nord SF

    The Black Ryder - 2011-02-25 - Club Du Nord SF